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GRAND NATIONAL TEAMS – IMPORTANT REMINDER. New England's premier team event, the GNTs, will be played on Saturday and Sunday, March 7-8, at the Sturbridge Host Hotel. It's not too late to form your team, so please plan to come and participate in this great event. For the top three categories: Open; 0-6000; and 0-2500, the qualifying rounds are Saturday (12:00 Noon and TBD), and the Finals are on Sunday (10:00 and TBD). For the 0 - 500 non-Life Master event, the event is one day, Sunday March 8, starting at 10:00 and TBD.

As most of you know, the winners of each flight will receive a nice subsidy from the District to attend the National Finals at the Chicago NABC, starting on August 5. For further details, see the NAP/GNT News tab on the left or call Dean Panagopoulos, the GNT Coordinator. We hope to see you there.

NEBC President Mark Aquino is seeking every player's help in his latest letter.

The winners of the Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney for District 25 for 2014 can be viewed here.

Wrap-up from Cromwell: The final results from the Knockout Regional in Cromwell have been posted. The summary reports, the Winners Board (photos of winners), and the View from B Low (webmaster's notes and photos) can be examined here. The index to the photos by event has been posted here. The index by player, including the Min-McKenney and Ace of Clubs winners, is here.

Many thanks to the winners who sent in photos. The response was very gratifying.

Remaining Schedule for District 25 in 2015:
March 6-8: Rainbow Weekend and GNT Qualifier, Sturbridge, MA
April 29-May 3: Senior Regional, Hyannis, MA
NAP: Qualifying at clubs in June, July, and August; regional qualifier October 17-18, Sturbridge, MA
June 23-28: Summer Regional, Nashua, NH
September 1-6: Fiesta Regional, Warwick, RI
November 4-8: Masters Regional, Mansfield, MA

Coming Attraction: The evening of Saturday, June 26, will feature a brand new event for District 25. Every pair in the event, part of the Summer Regional in Nashua, NH, must include at least one player who is NOT a life master and has less than 500 points. The objective is to promote fun and learning in a less intense environment and to give newer players a chance to interact more freely with the veterans. A flyer describing the details is available here.

New Ranks: The list of players who started the year by advancing in rank in January can be viewed here.

Minutes: The best way to keep up with administrative decisions concerning New England bridge is to read the minutes of the Executive Committee. The minutes from the meeting in January are available here.

The Magic Word: John Stiefel explains in this article that sometimes you do not even need to know what a delayed duck squeeze end-play is in order to execute one. You only need to know what a duck is. The "Learn from the Experts" tab now contains links to twenty-five articles from D25 stars and all of The Buzz.

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