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The Bridge was Great in the Granite State: The list of high finishers and the masterpoint winners in the Summer Regional in Nashua, NH, can be found here.The photos of winners and the exhausted webmaster's notes are also available on that page. 

Letter from the President: NEBC President Mark Aquino has recorded his thoughts about bridge in New England this summer. You can read them here.

He's Got Mail: Every month Rich DeMartino, our District Director, sends a congratulatory email to each member of the New England Bridge Conference who has achieved a new rank. Some of the recipients have written back – about how they got into bridge, their goals, and their experiences. We will be posting some of their letters and pictures each month. So take a few moments by clicking here to view the latest batch…and learn why so many are in love with our game. Or click the "District Director's Inbox" tab at left.

An index by player can be found here

Every Dog Has Its Day. In 2015 District 25 will honor the players in each of thirteen masterpoint categories who achieve the most points at tournaments that it sponsors. The standings through the Cape tournament are listed here. They will be updated with the results from Nashua as soon as the webmaster receives the file from the directors.

You don't need to be a big dog to win; you just need to be the alpha dog in your pack. The next opportunity is in Warwick beginning on September 1.

The Online Partnership Desk for the Fiesta Regional in Warwick (and many other tournaments) is open for business. Just click on the tab at left if you are looking for a partner or some teammates. This program is definitely the best way to join forces with other players who face the same situation. 

North American Pairs Qualifying

Three pairs will emerge as national champions in the NABC next spring in Reno. You and your partner could be one of them. This is a great opportunity for players of all levels of experience. The A flight is open; B is for players with under 2,500 masterpoints; C is limited to non-life masters with under 500 points. 

The qualifying tournament for New England will be held in October, but only players who have already qualified in a designated club game this summer will be allowed to participate. The #1 item on the to-do list of every serious bridge player in New England is to make sure that he/she earns a Q at the local club this summer. The current (as of 5/31) list of these games is available here. This list is incomplete. It will be updated as information is received, but you should check with your local club to be sure.

Details can be found in the "NAP" section of the "NAP & GNT News" tab at left.

Advancements in Rank: The list of the players who achieved a new rank in May can be viewed here

Remaining Schedule for District 25 in 2015:
NAP: Qualifying at clubs in June, July, and August; regional qualifier          October 17-18, Sturbridge, MA
September 1-6: Fiesta Regional, Warwick, RI
November 4-8: Masters Regional, Mansfield, MA

When the defenders are using a tricky approach, rock and paper will not suffice. Stephen Rzewski provides a terrific example of a Scissors Coup in this article. The "Learn from the Experts" tab now contains links to twenty-nine articles from some of the top players in New England and all of The Buzz.

Minutes: The best way to keep up with administrative decisions concerning New England bridge is to read the minutes of the Executive Committee. The minutes from the meeting in Cromwell in February are available here.

We strive to keep the website informative and easy to navigate.  Please  “Contact Us” if you have any questions or suggestions regarding District 25, the site, or anything else.

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