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North American Pairs

Every year the ACBL crowns three pairs as North American champions. This is everyone's best opportunity to play for a national championship. There are three flights. A is open to all. B is open to all players with less than 2500 masterpoints. C is for non-life masters with less than 500 points. The finals will be at the NABC in Reno next spring, but there are two qualifying phases.
1. Every player must have qualified in a club game specifically designated for this purpose. Clubs ran such games through August 31.
2. The district will choose its representatives (three or four in each flight) in a tournament in Sturbridge October 17-18. Stipends will be available for the winners. What could be better than getting paid to play for the continental championship? Details are here

The Conditions of Contest from the ACBL answer many questions. That document is available here.

The Mansfield Cometh: District 25's last Regional Tournament is scheduled for November 4-8 in Mansfield, MA. Click on the ad at right for details.

The expert panels for Mansfield have been announced. On Wednesday during the lunch break Sheila Gabay, Harold Feldheim, and Luke Gillespie will discuss the hands played in the morning pairs games. Bring your hand record and your questions.

On Friday Adam Parrish will give a talk entitled "When to Draw Trumps." Please note: This lecture will be at 9:15 a.m., not 1:30 p.m. as is stated in the flyer. If Adam discusses Moysian fits, he will definitely have my attention.  

Advancements in Rank: New players dominate the list for September.

Warwick Photos: The Winners Boards and the final overalls and lists of masterpoint winners in Warwick can be viewed here. If you won any flight or strat of any event in Warwick, and no one took your photo, you can send a photo of your pair or team to The Webmaster's Notes & Photos and the updated Best in Class standings will be added soon.

A sampling of interesting replies to District Director Rich DeMartino's e-mails of congratulation to players who advanced in rank in the last few months can be read here. There are photos, too.

Favorite Teacher? The American Bridge Teachers Association is currently accepting nominations for its “Teacher of the Year” award. The details on how to nominate your guru for the award can be found here.

New England Youth Bridge, Inc. has been working hard to showcase this great game to the video-game set. They urgently need our help. Details can be read here.

Remaining Schedule for 2015: NAP: Regional Qualifying Tournament in Sturbridge, MA, October 17-18.

Masters Regional: Mansfield, MA, November 4-8.

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North American Pairs
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