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Elections result: Mark Aquino was chosen as the new District Director by the electors from the units.

Regional winners: Congratulations to Rich DeMartino for his very strong performance in Mansfield. Rich also earned the most points in D25 regionals in 2015. The winner in the Gold Rush division was Jim Nowill.

The final standings of the Best in Class awards, which include all aspects of all eight events sponsored by the district, have been posted here. Congratulations to all thirteen winners. 

The results from the Masters Regional, including the Winners Boards and the webmaster's notes with photos, have now been posted here.

Stepping Up: 154 players in New England achieved a new rank in October. The list can be viewed here

Posted here are some choice replies to Rich DeMartino's e-mails of congratulation to players who advanced in rank in October. Some also sent photos.

Larry Weiss Award: If you are unfamiliar with the prestigious Larry Weiss award, you should read about it here. Jim Rasmussen is seeking nominations for this unique trophy. You can send your suggestion to him here.

Minutes: Carolyn Weiser, District 25's secretary, has provided minutes for recent meetings of both the Executive Committee and the Board of Delegates. These documents are a good source of information concerning changes in bridge in New England.

Favorite Teacher? The American Bridge Teachers Association is currently accepting nominations for its “Teacher of the Year” award. The details on how to nominate your guru for the award can be found here.

New England Youth Bridge, Inc. has been working hard to showcase this great game to the video-game set. They urgently need our help. Details can be read here.

District 25 Schedule for 2016:
Individual Regional, Newton, MA, January 8-10
Knockout Regional, Cromwell, CT, February 10-15
Rainbow Weekend and GNT, Sturbridge, MA, April 8-10
Senior Regional and Cape Cod Sectional, Hyannis, MA,
   April 27 - May 1
Summer Regional, Nashua, NH, June 21-26
Fiesta Regional, Warwick, RI, August 30 - September 4
NAP Regional Finals, Sturbridge, MA, October 15-16
Masters Regional, Mansfield, MA, November 9-13

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